What is Pixachio SmartBotHub

SmartBotHub is a Conversational AI Platform that enables enterprises to create personalized digital interactions with their customers and employees, automate processes, and information flow, through the implementation of virtual assistants and chatbots on one single platform, for different use cases.

Variety of Use Cases for Virtual Assistants and Chatbots

Education Systems

Chatbots and intelligent assistants could very well change the course of school communication by Answering applicant FAQs, Providing basic campus information & Streamlining student tasks

IT Service Desk

Designed to automate parts of the IT service desk to more quickly and effectively solve routine IT problems and/or reduce the need for IT support staff.

Customer Service

Take over inquiries coming into the customer service desk, reducing the need for human agents.


Automate routine questions and queries coming into HR. Examples include vacation time, entitlements, hour tracking, overtime pay and rules/regulations in the workplace.

Enterprise software front ends

As designed as conversational interfaces, making an alternative UI for enterprise software.

Advisory Services

VAs designed to give advice by collecting relevant information through conversation.

SmartBotHub Features

  • Native AI Engine (NLP and Voice)
  • Multi-intent Multi-language Engine
  • Auto learning, feedback loop
  • On-prem and Cloud (Control over data)
  • Easy to add new languages
  • Options for Third Party NLP Integration
  • Sentiment Analysis and Recommendations
  • Multi-Channel
  • Supports 20+ Messaging Platforms
  • Voice and Text
  • Easy to add new channels
  • Seamless and Rapid Integration
  • Self Service – Rapid Bot Implementations through Bot Builder Tool
  • Deployment Flexibility – Flexible deployment (SaaS and Enterprise Editions)