Responsive Design

At Pixachio We Aim At Delivering And Providing Comprehensive High-End Web Solutions Using Latest Technologies But Not Overlooking The Importance Of Customizing Such Solutions To Tune Up To Client’s Needs And Requirements.

What is Responsive Website Design?

Responsive Website Design

Responsive Website is a design method aimed at optimizing the user viewing and navigating experience. It is simply a website that can adapt and respond to its environment, thus, providing an optimal solution and a user friendly viewing experience with minimum zooming, resizing and scrolling on the webpage.

Why Design a Responsive Website?

Many Devices, One Website

Number of devices and tablets is growing and so is the number of browsers and platforms. Designing one website that adapts and fits to all will save efforts, money & time which will be spent on developing all these versions to optimize the best number of devices you can.

Google’s recommended configuration

It makes easy on you and on Google to optimize a responsive website rather than a regular website for many reasons such as:

  • Users find it easier to interact with one URL
  • Google finds it easier to apply its SEO algorithms on one URL
  • Will enable a more efficient and effective Google crawl to your website.

Compatibility & Flexibility

Stop worrying about your website’s compatibility with different browsers because a responsive website fits with almost all of them, which saves the time to frequently check the compatibility on every singly browser.

In terms of flexibility, a responsive website adapts to different screen resolutions that different users might have assuring you the desired design outcome in all resolutions especially mobile screens.