Content Management System (CMS)

At Pixachio We Provide Complete CMS Web Solutions With Our Customized Website Content Management Systems.

What is a Content Management System

Content Management Systems are a great option for those looking for more interactivity out of a website. CMS websites allow for easy “on the fly” changes to be applied on the website without any coding knowledge. An important thing to remember with CMS websites is that end users can make changes to the website without any coding knowledge. CMS websites provide an administrative user interface where changes can be made easily simply by filling out a form and submitting it. When Pixachio designs a CMS for you, we provide basic training on how to properly work the administrative user interface and make sure you’re comfortable with the process before we turn it over to you.

CMS Solutions

Core Features

Manage Your Website Content Easily

Pixa editing interface represents a breakthrough in usability and design, and offers simplicity in use. Our content editor lets you manage your website content on-fly, without complications. No matter what skill level your content editors have, they’ll be easily managing their website in minutes. You can use the What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) editor similar to word that allows you to format the text, create links and insert images.

Real-time Visitors Analytics and Monitoring

Because monitoring and analyzing the standing of your website is very important, Pixa CMS puts valuable data between your hands. Track the number of your website visitors and referring URLs constantly and keep a close eye on the traffic generated to your website all by a user friendly interface of our CMS. This is just an introduction of what you get out from Pixa CMS, contact us for further information about the benefits of Pixa.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Pixa makes Search Engine Optimization easy, and gives you the tools you need to maintain excellent search engine rankings. Pixa prompts content creators to enter content for meta tags, including the title, description and keyword, making your site compliant with SEO best practices. Pixa also offers URL rewriting, which enables creation of simple, readable URLs, as well as search-friendly URLs to replace long, complex URLs.

Take Full Control with Permissions, Workflow, Versioning and Staging

Pixa CMS allows you to delegate content authoring to any person within your organization while still keeping control over what is published. Using customizable workflow, you can make sure that you or some other authorized person reviews all information on your site before it gets published. A complete version history and audit history is available within Pixa CMS, ensuring all versions of content are stored allowing you to roll back to any prior version.

Caching and Performance Settings

Since the page are database driven, then each time a user visit your website a connection to the database initiated to get the content and display it on the page, which has impact on the website performance. Pixa CMS has the caching option that lets your website behaves as a static website. Content of the pages are cached in the website and called internally without the need to connect to the database to increase your website response time.