Digital Asset Management (DAM)

What is Digital Asset Management (DAM)?

Digital Asset Management centrally stores, organizes, and shares media files like videos, music, photos, and documents, which provides employees, peers and clients controlled access with the ability to perform operations on the digital assets while keeping track of the modifications.
DAM's main purpose is to deliver the right content to the concerned users in real-time across all devices, keeping track of the digital asset engagement across the organization.


DAM systems provides several features to digital asset owners, such as


Make asset files accessible and sharable from any location at any time


Indexing and Organizing files in a central location


Operate as version control system for digital files

Searchable Files

Easy search and locate files using tags and keywords

Smart Tagging

Auto-tagging of images using AI

Workflow Automation

Automate workflow processing, such as creation, editing, and deleting

Who needs Digital Asset Management System?

Marketing & Communication

DAM increases brand consistency across the enterprise, and distribute created marketing materials easily to all branches to different regions.

Sales team

Let sales team access the latest marketing materials they need from anywhere from any device, by aligning marketing with the sales team and assure brand consistency.

Creative team

Save your design team’s time and take on new projects by reusing and repurposing existing assets and find files easily and quickly.

IT Department

DAM gives IT people a secure cloud-based digital asset storage, and it simplifies sharing files without the need for FTP creation or using unsecured third party sending solutions.
What do we offer ?

At Pixachio Web Solutions, we can develop a custom DMS or deploy and customize off the shelf DAM system that suites your requirements.

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