Human Resource Management System (HRMS)

Managing employee information is more complex and requires more HR work than it ever has been, which involves everything from recruiting and hiring to training, leaves, evaluations and the list goes on.
So a Human Resource Management System (HRMS) or human resources information system is being used by many companies, which is software consists of processes and modules that link HR management with IT and simplifies the management of human resources, information, and processes.
HRMS Services
Retaining staff
candidate recruiting
Onboarding & Off boarding
payroll management
Tracking and Managing employee benefits
HR planning
Recruiting/Learning management
Performance management and appraisals
Employee self-service
Absence management
Leave management
Reporting and analytics
Employee reassignment
HRMS Main Modules

Which automate payment transactions for the employees and calculate the pay checks considering the leaves, taxes, employee time and attendance and deductions.

Time and Attendance

TNA systems tracks and monitor when employees start and stop work. Such module enables management to track their employees progress, working hours and late arrivals and early departures, this assist manager determine ways to improve organizational efficiency and labor management.

HR Management

The module covers other HR aspects, which are mainly concerned with employee information, retirement, titles, job descriptions, capabilities, and skill management.


HRMS manages the recruiting processes. It goes from preparing a job descriptions, organizing the job vacancies in different portals, applying selection criteria to the candidates, scheduling interviews, to selecting the best candidate.


The module, normally called a "learning management system" (LMS), such system allows HR to track learning, qualifications, and skills of the employees, and list of courses that can then be offered in specific timings, with delegates and training resources being mapped and managed within the same system. LMSs allow managers to approve training, budgets, schedules, and other metrics

Employee Self-Service

Which allows employees to perform some HR-related services over the system. Employees can ask for leave records and apply for leaves without referring back to HR. this module has a workflow system that lets supervisors approve requests from their employees directly from the system without involving the HR

How to choose the right HRMS?
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